Argentina made us work hard, Nikolaev admits


Russian coach Mikhail Nikolaev is taken on his players' arms as they celebrate their third crown in a row.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 20, 2015 - Russian coach Mikhail Nikolaev admitted that his team worked hard to recover, because of the Argentinian style of game at the FIVB Men’s U21 World Championship Finals.

“It was a difficult match between two different teams. Argentina play a very nice volleyball. It is very interesting. They play so different, and fast volleyball”, he said after winning the match in a tie-break.

“They have good defense and good reception. I think we were stronger physically and not technically, that was our problem,” the coach stated.
“Congratulations to Argentina, I think a second place for them is a very good result. I saw this team in Dubai at the U23 World Championship and had a good experience in Dubai. Maybe we were lucky tonight.”

On the other side of the net, coach Alejandro Grossi expressed.: “I have some mixed up sensations, the first one is a bitter feeling, because we could not win a match that we started very well, but Russia showed that they are the best team. They have been the champions for the last three editions (including this one) and we could not solve their service level.”

Argentina battled with the reception, their coach added. “We struggled with separate reception and high balls, we felt forced and uncomfortable, that is not easy for a long time during a match. But at the same time we are very calmed and have the joy of finishing with a silver medal and after these first minutes, there is no question we will get the worth of it.”


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