Attitude and concentration, key for Ozdemir’s players


Turkish libero Onurkan Cakir drives for the ball.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 15, 2015 - Baris Ozdemir, coach of Turkey remarked about his team that despite losing the first two sets, it was a matter of attitude to get back and finish with a win.

Turkey won in five sets against Slovenia, a squad that despite this result have shown up probably as the “black horse” of the FIVB Men’s U21 World Championship.

“In the first two sets actually we did not played well, but we improved our performance as we could closed the rest of the sets during the match,” said Baris Ozdemir, coach of Turkey.

“It was important to find the rhythm and the attitude, we didn’t make the simple mistakes we did at the beginning, so we won and we are happy for that,” the coach remarked.

Captain of Turkey Vahit Emre Savas also showed optimistic at the end. He recognized there were some pressure however they could take their good vibe back. “It was difficult in the beginning, but we could solve it. It was great and remain undefeated.”

On the Slovenian side, the team coached by Iztok Ksela had to move from Mexicali to Tijuana to continue the second pool phase. Despite the result this is not over for he and the “Red-Haired” army.  

“This has not finished. It is just the beginning of the second round of tournament. I hope to improve and have a better participation in our group and to see what happens. Today we played too tight game, we have been in preparation as a team only for 15 days before coming to the tournament,” Ksela mentioned.

“I don’t know what happened after. We had just won the first two sets and then we lost our direction. Turkey played very well at the end. It was a really good match, just details to made the difference. It is difficult to get together so quickly, but we have doing our best at the tournament,” Slovenian captain Jernej Vrhunc stated.


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