Canada claim first victory in five sets over Egypt


Koppers jumps ina play against Egypt. The Canadian was the top scorer with 30 points.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 12, 2015 - Brandon Koppers scored 30 points to finish as the most productive player of Canada in their victory against Egypt in a five setter.

Scores were 30-32, 24-26, 25-29, 25-29, 15-9.

Along with Koppers, captain Ryan Nickifor finished with 26 tallies for the Canadian team that finished with a 10-4 balance in collective aces and also won the blocking game 13-10.

Egypt played a really good match, especially in the first two sets. Ahmed Saad was the best scorer of the African team after registering 23 points, while Ahmed Saleh closed with 11 and Mohamed Abdelmohsen Seliman with 10.
Canada gained confidence after some substitutions. The incorporation of Gabriel Chancy gave them the chance to improve and get back on track. Canada will match Mexico on Sunday while Egypt will play Turkey at the High Performance Centre.


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