Chinese are great players, Carvalho remarks


Caio Oliveira tries to spike a ball against China, whose block and defense were the key to win the Bronze medal.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 20, 2015 - China finished as winners of the bronze medal after a four setter win over Brazil, whose coach Leonardo Carvalho remarked that today the South American squad faced a really good team.

“This was a tough and complicated match, like the one we played in the first round. Chinese players are not easy. They are tough and they showed more consistency today,” said Leonardo Carvalho, coach of Brazil.

“We recovered in the third set, but the fourth was so difficult as we needed more will and determination to get back in the match. The first two sets were very good, when you have a match like this between to high caliber teams” he added.

“China played very good, they are a good team, a really good team. We tried to get back, but to win against such a great team you have to do greater things. China did great things and what we did today was not enough,” the Brazilian coach remarked.

“All I can say is thank you, thank you to all of you for their support. It was a great game for me and my players. My team played well today and we finish with a medal,” coach Genyin Ju said at the end of the match.


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