Cuban block and attack stopped Mexican illusions of second win


Luis Bojorquez tries to spike against Cuba.

Mexicali, Mexico, September 19, 2015 - Mexican captain Enrique Ugalde admitted that the difference in the score in favor of the Cuban team was because of the blocking potential shown by the Caribbean squad.

“We want to finish the World Championship with a win to thank all our fans for supporting us,” said Ugalde. “We will face Egypt in the last match and we expect to finish with a victory.”

Eduardo Murguia, the Mexican coach, said that his team could not find the formula to solve the Cuban puzzle.

“We could not close the sets properly, we let go very important moments during the match that could decide the direction of it,” said Murguia.

“In this kind of games, you have to close at the right time and in the right way,” he added. “You cannot give such an advantage or such an opportunity to a team like Cuba.”

As soon as the match finished, the Cuban team showed optimistic, but not a lot like they’ve liked as the World Championship finishes. It was good to close with a win for Rodolfo Sanchez as they corrected some mistakes they made throughout the tournament.

Cuba look forward to finish in position number 13.


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