Egyptian players enjoy their only triumph at WCH


Egyptian player thanks for the victory.

Mexicali, Mexico, September 20, 2015 - The coach of Egypt ,Grzegorz Rys, admitted that despite his team victory on last day, he is not glad with the final result.

“I am not satisfied with the result on the final ranking. We had higher aspirations because we expected to be amont the top eight,” said Rys.

“I will continue working with this group of players because we want to prepare them this generation for the U23 World Championship as we expect to qualify for the next edition and I expect a better result at that time,” he added.

Mexican captain Enrique Ugalde said he was sorry for finishing in the sixteenth place.

“I want to  say sorry and also want to apologize for the place in which we finished,” Ugalde stated.

For Mexican coach Eduardo Murguia, the thing is not over. He remarked he want to continue working and playing to form and prepare young athletes in the way to reach the highest competition levels.


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