Enaboifo optimistic despite leaving match early


Cansin Enaboifo (10) celebrate with his teammates after finishing the match against Canada.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 19, 2015 - Cansin Ogbay Enaboifo, who suffered a groin injury in the first set, was forced to leave the match. However, he felt optimistic about the performance of Turkey after beating Canada on Saturday.

“I feel optimistic. After finishing out of the top four teams we fixed out our moral,” said the player. “So after that we tried to win. Today we prepared and gave our best to win because we have to keep our attitude and need to gain a good place.”

Meanwhile for coach Baris Ozdemir the victory over Canada made them to regain confidence, but it is hard to prepare after losing the chance to be at the semifinals.

“After we finished out of the first four at the competition, it is really hard to prepare the team for a new game. In the first set we made simple mistakes, but after the last two we came out and played more relaxed, so tomorrow we go for the fifth position,” stated coach Ozdemir.

The Turkish team faced Canada and recorded their second win in the tournament against them. They had previously faced each other on the Preliminary Pools Round.

“I think it was similar to the last time we played them, when after the first set they figured us out and served so tough. We struggled with those aspect and we just could not come out with the win,” said Ryan Nickifor, captain of Canada.

“We are looking to regroup with just one day left and we want to go home on a  good note. We will do our best to fix some things for tomorrow,” he added.

“Turkey play like they normally play. They played very technical, with very good execution. I think my team has suffered from a lack of confidence, maybe some disappointment from previous performance and difficulties,” coach John Barrett stated about the Canadian team.

“I told my team we have just one match to play. We have to regroup, do the best we can do, because today we were far from our best, so we must dig down and find our best play. Everybody is tired, everybody has played seven matches, so we will try our very best on the last day to find a good performance.”


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