First goal accomplished for Ozdemir


Turkish coach Baris Ozdemir gives instructions to his team in their last first phase match played on Sunday against Egypt.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 13, 2015 - Motivation was key for the Turkish players before coming on the court at the High Performance Centre.

Captain Vahit Emre Savas showed up a lot of energy, as well as his teammates Yasin Aydin, Osman Durmaz and Cansin Ogbai Enaboifo when they arrived for their match dancing and singing.

“We are happy for the result, it was good to finish with another win, We have closed the process to close on top. Now the tournament begins seriously, so we must concéntrate in our next matches,” said Savas.

Coach Baris Ozdemir said that their first goal was accomplished and wait for their next rivals. “We have do so and now we have to wait for the results and see what is next, to know who will be in final eight. Egypt played well and both of us had the chance to take on the first set, but fortunately we finished winning the match.“

Grzegorz Rys, coach of Egypt stated: “It was a very good first set. We played well and tried to finish a lot of balls but were so close to win the first game. After that something wrong happens as the players could non go on. We need more motivation and work with mentality.”

Rys recognized that his players have good skills. They are good and the possibility to play well in many competition, we just need to change the mentality,” he mentioned.


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