France optimistic, Cuba still waiting for a victory


Players of Cuba watch the conclussion of a play by France behind the net.

Mexicali, Mexico, September 16  2015 - After his second consecutive victory at the State Auditorium in classification round, French Coach, Jocelyn trillion he was happy with his group result in the second phase of the FIVB Men’s U21 World Championship.

Trillon, said that in the match against Cuba he could rotate his players to make all had chances to get on the court.

“I wanted to close the game with some of our younger players so they had enough chance to play and to be on the court ,” said Trillon.

About their next opponent, Poland, Luka Basic, captain of France stated: “we expect to have a great match against our next rival. We played at the European qualifier, so we must prepare well against them”

The Cuban team did not declare any statements after the match.


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