French team, back to the path of victory


Players of France celebrate their triumph over Egypt after they were eliminated from the Top Eight round by Slovenia, a couple of days before in Mexicali.

Mexicali, Mexico, September 15, 2015.- French coach Jocelyn Trillon, could not conceal his joy after returning to the path of victory  after beating Egypt at the State Auditorium

Trillon mentioned that he felt good for their players, because they could recover from their lost against Slovenia. “That has not been easy,” said the French coach.

“This second phase of the Championship is like a brand new tournament, and we have to stay focus to keep winning if we want to be part of the Top 10.”

Grzegorz Rys, coach of Egypt said: “My team did not have a good time on the field. The match was not as we imagined and we could not get the level France showed.”

The Polish coach in charge of team Egypt  was aware of how critical was the third set as they were three points up on the scoreboard.

“It was a good moment for us, but he reception of my team was not as good to keep that advantage and win. Congratulations to France they did a nice job.”


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