Genyin Ju appreciates Mexicali chinese community support


The chinese community that reside in Mexicali gave a special touch to the atmosphere during the match against Iran.

Mexicali, Mexico, September 11, 2015.- “We feel great and appreciate the support of the Mexicali fans. This victory was special, because Iran had won against us before,” said Genyin Ju, coach of China.

Iran went out and won the third set 25-19, and Ju praised the effort and quality showed by his colleague Farhad Nafarzadeh. “It is natural to lose a set, they were very well prepared and got the best from our mistake,” Ju remarked.

Pool C is a tough match both coaches agreed after being conformed of high caliber opponents like Cuba and Brazil. Yaochen Yu, captain of China said they were lucky to win and felt like playing at home. “We felt like playing at home, this was a key factor in our triumph. It was not easy to beat them, because they have shown a great level previously and have a good technique. We feel so satisfied for this win,” concluded.


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