It is time to focus on semifinals


Argentina's Nicolas Lazo dives for a ball

Tijuana, Mexico, September 17, 2015 - Argentina closed as the most consistent team in the second round along with Russia. The South Americans won all their three matches in straight sets.

“We feel glad for getting the qualification to the semifinals, today this was a great match for our team. We played with consistency. This has not been easy, as we have played in very difficult pools in the first and second round,” said coach Alejandro Grossi.

 “We played in a very tough pool, but we could advance as this world championship has been great for us. Now we have to rest a little bit, train and be prepared for the semis,” Gaston Fernandez, the captain of Argentina remarked.

Slovenia tried to give a surprise in the last set, but failed the set point chance four times.  “We tried to work with our substitute players in the last set there were some details and mistakes we made as we could not get it and go on,” sais Iztok Ksela, head coach of  Slovenia.

Ksela recognized that the level of the tournament has been good and he and his team expect to play a better round on Saturday and Sunday as part of the contention for places 5-8.

“We tried to do our best in the third set. We fought hard and looked forward to get the points to get back on the game. Congratulations to Argentina for the victory,” said Jernej Vrhunc, captain of Slovenia.

Vrhnuc appreciated the support of the Mexican fans and has enjoyed the experience of playing at the World Championship. “I’ve liked it and it has been a great experience for us, unfortunately we could not win today, but we expect to improve in the next matches.”

Argentina advanced to the semifinals, while Slovenia will play in the round for fifth to eighth position.


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