Italians are here to win


Riccardo Sbertolli celebrates a play during the match against France.

Mexicali, Baja California, September 12 of 2015.- Tiziano Mazzone captain of Italy  admitted that France was a strong competitor.

“Matches against France are always tough and difficult,” said Mazone. 

“Everything is complicated because we are teams that play constantly against each other at the European Championships. We know each other very well.”

Michele Totire, Coach of Italy, remarked that winning against a tough opponent like France is very important. 

“We feel happy for this win. But when we are in the time outs, we don’t give motivational speeches. What I do is to work on technical aspects, the technique, to make the right adjustments,” Totire stated.

France coach Jocelyn Trillon Jocelyn admired the way Italy played. “They played very well. Today critical sets were the first and fourth. We look forward to win in our next match against Slovenia.”

Meanwhile, Luka Basic, captain of France said: “We still have some expectations and they are still here at this championship as we compete to give our best, and we must do so against the Slovenian team,” Basic concluded.


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