Italy aspire to be among top eight


Riccardo Sbertoli in a blocking play against Slovenia.

Mexicali, Mexico, September 11, 2015 - Italian coach Michele Totiere stated that he felt glad after the win over Slovenia, however does not feel satisfied at all.

"We have to move on and improve some things," he remarked after the match at the State Auditorium. "We have to be more concentrated in each match, if we want to be among the top eight teams."

About their rivals, Slovenia, Totiere mentioned that they are a good and solid team. "I hope they can achieve better results in their next matches."

For Ricardo Sbertoli, this first match was too important. "We won and this helped us. As long as the team advances and plays more, we will gain more confidence to play better,"said the Italian captain.

On the other side, Iztak Ksela, coach of Slovenia stated: "We could not develop our offensive game as we would like to. The mistakes we made costed us the match, however we expect to prepare better for our next game against France".

Slovenia qualified to the Men's U21 World Championship after winning the European Championship against Germany.


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