Japanese speed and experience, enough to stop Egypt’s amazing vibe


Japan showed good control of the ball in the last set. Egypt played very well in the second and third and even improved their reception.

Mexicali, Mexico, September 19, 2015 - Despite Egypt’s reaction and amazing performance in the second set, Japan prevailed over the African representatives in four sets.

Japan won 3-1 (25-18, 27-29, 25-21, 25-20) with Taishi Onodera as their top scorer with 17 points, while Ataru Kumakura scored 15. Issei Otake also claimed the double digit, after totalizing 14 points.

Saad Ahmed registered 16 points for Egypt and he was followed by Abouelsoud Eid with 11, as well as Mohammed Abdelmohsen Seliman.

Abdelrahman Abouelella scored 10 for the Egyptian team that surrendered 30 points by mistake.

After one set of action Japan showed good control on the ball, as they had the chance lead 12-9 in attacking points. They also worked hard with their block and services.

The second set had a better beginning for Egypt, as the African team scored the first two points. Egyptians showed more consistency as they were 15-14 in the score and played an amazing second set, with great teamwork spirit.

Rys’ pupils distributed the ball among Abouelsoud, Abouelella, Omar and Seliman. They even showed a better reception in the final numbers.

However the speed of the Japanese team combined with their experience as well as their defense gave guaranteed the victory in four sets.


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