“Pallavolo” style prevails over Turkish force


Italian players block an attempt by Turkey during the fifth place match.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 20, 2015 - Italian coach Michele Totire stated that despite his team could not reach the medals round, finishing in fifth place was very important.

“I’m glad because we are the second European team at this tournament,” said Totire. “I believed that my guys played a good tournament and I’m sorry for the match against China, but China is very strong for us now.”

However, Totire feels proud of the work shown by his pupils. “I feel proud for them, because I’ve coached this group for the last two years. We came here to go for a medal but it has been a very hard championship.”

The Italian coach appreciated the effort shown by his team. “I want to thank them a lot to every player on  our roster,” he finished.

Mehmet Haciouglu, player of Turkey said that they tried to close with a win, but Italy showed very good quality. “This has been a great tournament, but we didn’t do the things that we had to do in order to get a win,” said Hacioglu.

“We let the Italian team play good actually, so we lost and finished in sixth place and now we go back to Turkey. Thank You for all,” said about the experience in Tijuana.


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