Polish and French players say good bye to Mexicali State Auditorium


Players of Poland and France shake hands as they finish their participation at the Mexicali State Auditorium.

Mexicali, Mexico, September 20, 2015 - The celebration was in Tijuana after the FIVB Men’s U21 World Championship finished with the victory of Russia over Argentina.

However the last  play also took part at the Mexicali State Auditorium, where Poland faced France for the ninth place. For coach Jakub Bednaruk, closing with a victory was good but not as they would liked it.

“We are happy to win, and at least we finished among the top 10 teams,” He remarked. “We finished ninth anti t was good against a team like France, a great team.”

Meanwhile for coach Jocelyn Trillon things were not as He would want but this competition was a great opportunity to develop some talent for future events as well as for the senior national teams.

“I want to thank the support of the organisers as fans as we finish the competition, we expect to have a better performance next time,” he concluded.

Players of both teams Poland and France said good bye to the Mexicali State Auditorium after 10 day of activities at the World Championship that finally came to and end.


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