Polish players have fun on the court


Poland prepares to close the World Championship action after finishing the pools classification round.

Mexicali, Baja California, September 17, 2015.- Poland coach Jakub Bednaruk, said that the thing he liked the most after their victory over France, was the way his players enjoyed the match.

“They went out and had fun on the court,” Bednaruk stated. “We had to make that and show the attitude as well as a fresh start.”

For  Aleksander Sliwka it was important to make a celebration on the field, as well as for Krzysztof Bienkowski. “We enjoyed the match, as we went out and had fun, so we played good volleyball,” the players agreed.

For French coach Jocelyn Trillon, there was a lack of fighting spirit. “We didn’t fight as we had to. We did not play well,” he remarked.

“We expect a tough match against the United States in our next commitment,, as we look for the classification.”


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