Red haired parade comes to a happy end


Slovenian players celebrate their victory over Canada

Tijuana, Mexico, September 20 2015 - The participation of Slovenia will be remembered for their enthusiasm and good vibes on and off the court.

The “Red-Haired Army” that surprised since their qualification to this competition at the European championships closed a great experience according to the words of captain Jernej Vrhunc.

“It is awesome to win again after the first groups phase , it is an amazing feeling to finally win and being seventh of the world,” said Vrhnuc.

“Once we qualified, we made a promise of coloring our heads in red and we would not change the color of our hair until the World Championship was over,” he remembered. 

Slovenia eliminated teams of great tradition like France to contend on top 8 and became one of the great surprises of the Championship in Mexicali and Tijuana.

“I liked the way the people supported us. In Mexicali we had a lot of fans. Here in Tijuana we had the support of our families always behind us. This has been a long trip.”

Is the red hair parade over? Probably at this time after a summer of fun for Vrhunc and his teammates.

“When we get back to Slovenia probably we will go to the barber shop and I don’t know if we will get colored our hair again”, He replied..

“I have no words about playing in a world championship. it is amazing to play against these strong teams and  get some good experiences”, the young player remarked.

“I hope we can also qualify and play at the U23 World Championship next time. Let’s see how we will do that.”


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