Russia keep the crown and extend their hegemony


Dmtry Volkov scored 24 points for Russia as his team captured the greatest honors at the finals.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 20, 2015 - Russia kept the crown and extended their unbeaten streak to eight in a row after defeating argentina in five sets for the gold medal. Scores were 20-25, 18-25, 25-16, 25-21 and 15-11.
The team coached by Mikhail Nikolaev played their first tie-break at the World Championship but could solve the match in their favor after a 0-2 deficit.

Dmitry Volkov scored 24 points for the defending champions, while Denis Bogdan finished with 16. Sergei Pirainen finished with 13 and Maxim Belogortcev closed with 12 units.

For Argentina, Bruno Lima was the top scorer with 16 points, while Nicolas Lazo scored 14.

Argentina had a dominant start of the game and even neutralized Russian reaction in the first set. The South American team kept concentration as well as some advantage on the scoreboard by making the best from Russian mistakes.

But Russia reacted in the third and fourth sets as they forced the tie-breaker. Coach Nikolaev, requested time-outs to regroup his team that based their success in strenght against the Argentinian technique and tactical resources that put them so close for a surprising result at the final.

On their side Russia used their best weapon: services. Denis Bogdan, Aleksandr Melinkov, Sergei Pirainen and Dmtry Volkov were in charge of that.

Argentina also worked with Brian Melgarejo to keep the South American hopes alive. However the Russian strength and power prevailed.

Bogdan aced four times, while Pirainen had three successful service plays for the Russian team that after one hour and 58 minutes extended their hegemony in this age group.


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