Totire recognize high level and admits Italy face tough contenders


Italian teams celebrate after their victory over Canada.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 15, 2015 - Italian coach Michele Totire remarked the result against Canada. He said it was very important. However there are still more steps to take at this Championship as many teams have prepared to show their quality

 “I am glad for the result, we win a very important match, but the tournament have a good level with teams that are very good like Russia, for example, as well as China and Argentina or Brazil. We expect to go on in this second Pools round,” said the Italian coach after the match against Canada.

Italian captain Tiziano Mazzone who finished with 10 units also agreed with his coach. “We are happy for this victory and are here to win very important matches and of course, there are teams like Russia that are very tough, Canada played well in the first set,” Tiziano commented.

“We had a good first set with a lot of points, but after that Italy played very well. It was tough for us after the second set” said Ryan Nickifor, captain of Canada.

Canadian coach, John Barrett mentioned about tonight's match: “I know Italy very well. I played there for many years. They are a volleyball country with very skilled players. We were able to compete in the first set and did everything well but we started to make errors. They did not make many errors in a row. They are a very good team, congratulations to Italy, they played better than us and they deserve to win.”


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