Turkey, not an easy opponent according to Carvalho


Brazilian coach Leonardo Carvalho watches his team during the match against Turkey in Tijuana on Thursday night.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 17, 2015 - It was not easy to Brazil to overcome Turkey, a very creative and dangerous team at FIVB Men’s U21 World Championship.

According to coach Leonardo Carvalho, his team struggled against the Turkish squad.

“We began with two good sets on the first and two, but Turkey are a very great team. We made many unforced mistakes at the beginning of the third set,” said Carvalho.

“When you let grow up a team like Turkey, their moral and enthusiasm goes up and it is too hard to stop. Fortunately we could put big pressure with our service,” The Brazilian coach commented.

“Turkey are a very difficult team. They played a good match, they have very good players. They have shown very good quality,” said Fernando Kreling, captain of Brazil.

“We have started a new part at this competition. We have to work hard in our opponents, we have to study and concentrate a lot in our game plans to go for a good result,” Kreling added.

It was a sad moment for coach Baris Ozdemir and the Turkish team that played with very good attitude and with resilience.

There is no question, Turkey have been one of the most spectacular and consistent teams of this tournament and now they have to fight por the best position between places 5 and 8.

“We couldn’t play our game in the first two sets, because of that we lost, and we realized we could do it, we could win and we did it in the next two ones”, said Cansin Ogbai Enaboifo, player of Turkey.

“But we did not start very well in the last match, in some points we lost the spirit, because our team work with the spirit. When we play, we play. When we don’t we go down, and because of that we lost. But general in the match we gave good fight, but that is not enough. Next time,” Enaboifo concluded.


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