Very excited to stay in Tijuana for second round, says Barrett


Canadian coach John Barrett talks with the media at the Mixed Zone.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 13, 2015 - Canadian coach John Barrett recognized that winning the second place of Pool A was very important for them as they wanted to remain at the High Performance Centre.

The Canadian team could get used to all the conditions after their training camp prior to begin the U21 World Championship and finally it paid off to the only Norceca representative that will play the second pool phase among the top eight teams.

“We are very excited to stay in Tijuana. We like Tijuana. We know that the Mexican team is dangerous. They could get on the ball and could put us in trouble, so we played smoothly tonight. It was difficult because there was a lot of stress on both teams, but I’m happy for the success and I’m happy to stay in Tijuana.”

Blake Sheerhorn, player of Canada said after the match: “I think that we had very few first games but now we feel ready to face the best of the best. We had a very good match. Passing was good and attacking was good and we are excited for a day off and to start going against the best of the best.”

On the Mexican side, coach Eduardo Murguia remarked: “I’m sad for this result. We had another plan about it. We could not make it as we made a lot of mistakes serving. The instructions were to take the risk. But if you give up in any serve against a team like Canada they made pieces of us. They were superior and congratulations to them.”

Enrique Ugalde, captain of Mexico said about their rivals: “They are used to play in another level. We have another chance in the next round, playing from nineth to sixteen places. Our goal is to remain in the top ten, so we must go on and cannot fell down here.”


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