We are focusing in one game at a time: Sliwka


Poland win first match of the tournament in three sets and expect to contend for second place in Pool B.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 12, 2015 - Polish captain, Aleksander Sliwka recognized that, after this victory, they expect to play their best volleyball in order to advance to second round.

“We had a bad start today, but we could recover. We improved and could get an important victory. I hope we can be playing like this as of today in our next match against Argentina,” said Sliwka.

“I think in our Pool there are good pretenders. Russia is a pretender and also China as the two best teams of the competition. In our case we are focus on every single game.”
Meanwhile coach Jakub Bednaruk of Poland said: “Sometimes you are playing very well like yesterday (against Russia) and you may lose 3-0. Today we had a very good game and got a victory in three sets (against USA) and could keep our team healthy and in good conditions.”

Bednaruk has felt optimistic about his team at this tournament. “We are very happy and excited to play tomorrow against Argentina probably for the second place.”

John Hatch, captain of USA remarked: “We came out pretty strong, but we started to go a little flat. On third set our pass was more fluid a little bit, but if we wanna win at this level we must do our job and execute a little bit more, we have to do a really good gam plan and prepare for our next match as we face Russia.”

For coach Daniel Friend, his team had a good start, but Poland was very tough opponent. “We started off really good, but we just can’t sustain in. Poland got better in the first game and really kind of take of. We tried to recover, but they stepped in and our boys got chaotic a little bit. We just have to push a little bit over the edge,” he mentioned.


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