We had to focus on playing aggressively, Fernando Kreling says


Brazilian players celebrate a point.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 16, 2015 - Slovenia was a very surprising team at this age group world championship. The Brazilian players noticed that, and they had to respond just in the right moment at the right time.

“We entered to play very and set the ball too high. That was difficult to Slovenia, they played very well today, especially in the second set,” said Fernando Kreling captain of Brazil that are 1-1 with one match away to finish the second pool phase.

“A lot of things happen during a tournament like this, many factors that can make a difference, but we returned on the third and fourth,” Kreling added.

“The third set was a reflection of the match it was very tough. Slovenia played an excellent second set and it was very difficult for us but we are glad because we have the chance to continue alive at this competition,” coach Leonardo Carvalho mentioned.

“We have to prepare to face Turkey tomorrow, they are a good quality team and we have to study them if we want to advance to the semifinals,” he added.

For Iztok Ksela, coach of Slovenia, his team had some ups and downs as the service strategy failed when they tried to recover.

“Today we didn’t start good in the game and Brazil played very well, after the first set we returned in to the game and played second set very well. The third one was also a good set but we had a disaster in our serve and we did too many mistakes,” Ksela commented.

Jernej Vrhunc, the Slovenian captain recapped: “We played well on the first and second set and after that we were out of our mind as we lost direction. We did what our coach said, but we lost the direction against a team like Brazil.”

Slovenia will match Argentina, while Brazil will play Turkey on Thursday.


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