We have to correct mistakes: Totire


Italy worked hard in blocking against Japan

Mexicali, Mexico, September 13 2015.- Italian coach Michele Totire commented about the match his team won against Japan.

"We made some fundamental changes and adjustments that allowed us to emerge victorious," he mentioned.

But despite the positive result against Japan Totire said he was not happy at all. "I am not totally. I expected more of my team. We made a lot of mistakes and some of them were because Japan served very well," He added.

"We tried to serve well that worked a little bit against Italy a very good team, unfortunately they did the things very well against us," Shingo Sakai, coach of Japan shared.

The Japanese captain Tsubasa Hisahara said he felt great pride when he heard the cheers of the Baja California audience to Japan Team. "They supported us a lot, that is something I liked. We lost the game, but the fans were with us, that is nice."

Italian captain Tiziano Mazzone had a great match against Japan. "I felt good, but we aspire for more as we hope to finish in the top at this tournament," he expressed.


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