You cannot make many errors against a team like Russia: Barrett


Russian player Denis Bogdan spikes against Canada

Tijuana, Mexico, September 26, 2015 - Playing against a team like Russia is always a special challenge. 

Canada became the first squad that could take one set off Russia on Wednesday. Before that, the team coached by Mikhail Nikolaev had won all their matches in three sets. 

“Against a very big physical team like Russia, you can’t  afford to make errors,” said John Barrett coach of Canada after the match.

“Especially at this age the team that makes the fewest errors will win. We played some good volleyball but we also played not some good volleyball, We played a good third set to win it, but once again we made many errors.”

For Russian coach, Mkhail Nikolaev it was a match with a few mistakes in the third set, but his team could recover and kept the undefeated record.

“Today we made a few mistakes against Canada, but we could do enough for the win today. We have one more match, tomorrow, Italy is a very difficult team, with good players, tecnhnically and tactically, ver well prepared. I hope it will be interesting,” Nikolaev remarked. 

 “I think  we came in to the game to fight for every point. It was a really tough game and there were some big services we started to look at times. Congratulations to Russia for the victory and now we have to prepare against China,” said Ryan Nickifor, captain of Canada.

“We are in a new tournament this is like a playoff.  We have another competition, it is a different level when you start in a new phase. You have stronger teams, but any team can win,”Pavel Pankov, captain of Russia stated. “


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