Pankov shows the secret service of Russia


The Russian captain, Pankov talks to his teammates on the court.

Tijuana, Mexico, September 12, 2015 - Pavel Pankov had eight aces against Argentina and finished as second best scorer. 

The Russian captain tallied 11 points, but had eight effective services of the 11 capitalized by Russia against only two by Argentina. “This was a very good match. I felt good, and we are ready for the next ones,” the player remarked.

“Argentina is a very good team. Usually it is difficult to play against that kind of teams, but today we played very good, a lot better, but we are ready for the next round.”

For coach Mikhail Nikolaev, facing Argentina is not an easy thing. “We play against this team in Dubai two weeks ago,” he stated. “Argentina is very good, very strong a very interesting team. Today  we served very good and we worked very well in that part.We worked with the elementary points and it worked for us.”

Russia dominated the first and third set. Argentina had a chance in the second, but Russian attack and service made the Europeans get back.

“We did not have a good match, Russia showed their superiority. They have a big attack and serving potential that is over us. We know that we could and that we had the chances to play against them like in the second set,” Argentinian coach Alejandro Grossi said.

“We could not the best of that in the key moments to open the result and look for a fourth set. If we had a chance to win the match it had to be a long one.”

Argentina aspire to qualify when facing Poland. “Our chances were to win against USA, Russia was difficult, but we have to give it all against Poland.”

Gaston Fernandez, captain of Argentina shared also his toughts at the Mixed Zone: “Not a lot to say. I want to congratulate Russia for the victory. They knew how to play. The second set was so even for both sides. We could not go ahead and Tomorrow we have a final against Poland to see which team advance”.


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